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We all know that our time on this earth is finite. Though uncomfortable to think about, making arrangements and putting a plan in place in preparation for when you're gone can make a world difference to those you care about. Writing a will is an essential process for ensuring that your possessions, assets, and family are secure and protected. Let's walkthrough how to make a will online to help save time, money, and ensure protection for your loved ones for years to come. 

For many, making a will is not at the forefront of their priorities. But what happens when the day comes and your affairs aren't in order? Who will be left to deal with things? Dealing with someone else's possessions and assets as well as grieving can be too much for many to handle. 

Making plans now and writing a will in advance can save time and heartache. Not only will it provide you with peace of mind but also your loved ones. One of the best and most efficient ways of making a will today is online.

How to make a will online

How to Make a Will Without a Lawyer

Gone are the days of having weeks of consultations with a lawyer to make a will, the endless back and forth of revisions and waiting for signatures. And, not to mention the extortionate fees. Making a will and getting your affairs in order is stressful enough without adding delays and undergoing unnecessary processes that could take anything from weeks to months to complete. 

Thankfully, with new and efficient processes in place, making a will online is faster, more affordable, and equally reliable service. 

Creating a will online can be done quickly and simply in a matter of minutes. As long as you possess the legal competency and mental capacity to make the decision to make a will, anyone can create a will online. Creating wills online is a popular service that continues to grow as the result of many realizing the inadequacies and inefficiencies of making a will with a lawyer.

Most people have busy lives with many commitments, making a will should be a simple process that once complete will enable you to enjoy your life with peace of mind. At, we offer a will writing service on how to make a will without a lawyer that can be completed in just under 15 minutes from the comfort of your home. Once created, your will will be stored securely. We also offer guides on how to make a will online 

With simple step-by-step instructions and a wealth of information available to cater to individual circumstances, making a will online has never been easier.

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How to Make a Will Online (Instructions)

Making a will with is a quick and easy process that only requires a couple of steps.
Here are the steps on how to make a will online to:

1. The service to do your own will will begin by asking you a couple of quick and simple questions that will generate a state-specific legal will that ensures that the will complies with your state's laws.

2. A significant purpose of a will is to ensure that your assets and belongings are protected. So, similar to that of an in-person will, an online will will require you to list;

  • Your asset inventory and who will get what in the event of your death. This will take into account any important documents you possess, financial accounts, digital and physical properties.
  • It will also require you to consider important factors of who will choose to be the guardian for any children you may have. It will enable you to put plans in place for the care of your pets.
  • It will ask you to provide information on who will be the executor of your last will and testament. This will be the person or organization that will oversee the movement of your assets as featured in your will.
  • You will also be able to list your beneficiaries and trustees as you decide who will receive something listed from your will. This includes people such as relatives and friends or charities and organizations.

3. Once you have filled in all of the relevant information, your state-specific will will be generated. All you then need to do is sign the document digitally and your will will be stored securely. This part of the online will writing process makes all the difference. An in-person will would require you to attend a consultation for obtaining signatures which would require witnesses to be present. This process can be lengthy and time-consuming and it's common for there to be delays on signatures. Online will services such as take away the hassle by providing a quick and easy service.

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Are Online Wills Legal?

Making an online will is certainly legal as long as it sufficiently meets the regulations of your particular state. The fantastic news is that with using a service like to make your will, you won't need to worry about anything as they'll do the hard work for you by asking you which state you're in before you begin. 

It couldn't be easier to ensure that your will complies with your state's laws. Services such as only hire legal experts and licensed attorneys that carefully word documents to ensure that they are up to standard. What a service like can do that making a will with a lawyer in person can't, is that they offer efficiency and affordability.


Making a will online is a quick and efficient service that enables you to put your affairs in order with little stress. Regardless of your situation or the complexity of your assets, online will services provide the information and assistance you need to generate a state-specific legal will. 

At, we ensure that we make the will creation process simple. Your will can be generated in as little as 15 minutes, created in the comfort of your home. All that's required is for you to create, sign and store your will. Our will service enables you to protect your physical and digital property. Our website is also filled with information on how to make a will online to guide you through the processes.

We also help you to ensure that plans are in place to protect your family and loved ones. With the best online will maker services like, making a will has never been easier.

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