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How you prepare to protect your family and assets and make your final choice of what you want to happen is something that should be thought about. This post will give you everything you need to know on the options for making a will.

Have you made a will? Is it something you've thought about doing but instead you put it off as something to do at a later date? 

The idea of making a last will can be daunting, especially if you don't know how to do it. With multiple options for making a will, knowing which option is best can just add to the stress. 

Before, there was a single option for making a will which required consulting with a lawyer to create your will. But now, there are a range of options that include online will services. With times changing so has the way we go about getting our affairs in order. Are face-to-face services outdated?

How you prepare to protect your family and assets and making your final choice of what you want to happen is something that should be thought about. This post will give you everything you need to know on the options for making a will.

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Covid 19 caused many to realize that they hadn't yet made plans and arrangements in the event of the inevitable circumstances of them passing away. Whilst often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, making a last will is an essential part of ensuring your family and assets are protected after you're gone. 

In not creating one, you run the risk of others making decisions for you, family memories lost, and assets given away.

Making a will can seem like a difficult or even daunting task. Whilst making a will used to be done face-to-face, this no longer need to be the case as it's now possible to create a legal will of your own online.

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Are Face-To-Face Will Services Outdated?

Covid-19 not only changed how we live and learn, it also created the restructuring of conventional services. Making a will was traditionally a face-to-face service that required sitting down with a lawyer and going through your wishes. However, the inability to meet in person brought about new innovative solutions. 

New solutions such as online will services have subsequently highlighted the outdated nature of face-to-face services such as that of offline will services. The service can be seen to be outdated for several reasons:

  • Undergoing a face-to-face will service stands to be time consuming. Not only does it require multiple consultations, the process can be lengthy as the lawyer may produce a couple of drafts and revisions. 
  • Amongst a busy life, the last thing people want to spend their time doing is sitting for hours to consider what happens after they leave this world. There is also the additional time of adding multiple signatures to physical documents. 
  • Additionally, the process of putting together a will with a lawyer can take up to a couple of weeks. Creating a will with a lawyer can prove to be time consuming, especially if there are delays. 

Although face-to-face is one of the options for making a will, here are the additional disadvantages:

  • It is very costly. 
  • This process can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • If your affairs are relatively simple, spending this much on a will writing service is unnecessary, especially with a range of affordable online services available.

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How To Make A Will Without A Lawyer: The Move Towards Digital Will Writing Services

With an increasing digital world, it's no wonder online services are rapidly growing. As we have seen from Covid-19, the state of uncertainty in the world has led us to rely more on digital services, not only for their efficiency but also for their reliability. 

Online will services stand to be the solution to putting plans in place to protect your family and their future. Unlike offline will creation, the service provides everything you need within fifteen minutes. 

Being able to use such a quick and efficient service takes away the need for excessive travel and organization to attend meetings. Instead, all that is required is a few moments of your time to get your affairs in order to enable you to get on with the rest of your day. 

Unlike the costs that can come from seeing a face-to-face will service, online will services keep their prices fair. If you're thinking of going with an online will service, you can expect to see prices from $75 - $300. Online will service costs are especially suited to anyone with simple affairs. 

Online will services work to preserve the human-centric nature of the face-to-face will service. Whilst not in person, they offer effective communication solutions to reaching customers to ensure that support is provided and queries are answered. Many online will services offer easy communication for customers to contact the service provider. 

Options For Making A Will

What Is The Cheapest Way To Make A Will

At Wills.com we stand to deliver a quick service that delivers efficiency, simplicity, and security. Our online will services enable you to create a legal will in just fifteen minutes. 

Advantages of creating a legal will online at Wills.com:

  • Gone are the days of hours of consultations, all that's required are answers to a few simple questions that will help to generate your state-specific legal will. Once created, you can sign with ease and without delay and extra fees. Your will is then stored safely and securely. 
  • Our will service enables you to choose options of guardianship if you have children as well as digital property and pet care. 
  • Our service also offers extensive support and advice to assist in making the process as effortless as possible. These include extensive guides and making a will checklist to provide information that tailors to your needs and circumstances. It also includes articles for advice on making specific decisions for you and your family. Unlike a face-to-face will service, this addition is free of charge.

Consider Getting Your Affairs In Order Today With Wills.com

With a world moving towards digitization, online services stand to be a solution for saving outdated services such as face-to-face will services. These online services offer the solution of saving time and money without compromising the quality of the service. With hands-on communication, the human aspect of the face-to-face service continues.

Wills.com offers a leading online service that stands to offer an exceptional service that enables you to create a legal will quickly, efficiently, and securely. This service provides assistance and communication making for a quick and stress-free process.

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