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Memories in Holland

18 October, 2023

Julia Stevenson, John Deer

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Legacy Beyond a Lifetime

Your legacy is more than assets; it's the wisdom you've gathered, the experiences you've shared, and the love that endures. With Wills.com, your legacy lives on, guiding your loved ones long after you're gone.

Peace of Mind. Always

Ensure your wishes are fulfilled. Our unique inactivity timer guarantees that your legacy will be delivery exactly as you intended. With every heartbeat, your legacy is safeguarded, ready to inspire and provide for the ones you leave behind.

You are a force of will!

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Our user-friendly app guides you through the process effortlessly. Set up your legacy in minutes, ensuring your story is preserved.

The Time out timer

We prioritize your privacy. Your data is encrypted and protected, providing a secure environment for your most personal thoughts and messages.

Power at your Fingertips

Personalized Legacy Creation

Messages and letters: Record heartfelt messages, letters, or advice for your loved ones, preserving your wisdom and love for generations.

Video Mementos: Capture and store personal video messages or stories, creating a visual legacy that can be cherished by your family.

Easy User Interface

Intuitive Design: User-friendly interface with easy navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for users of all ages.

Guided Setup: Step-by-step guidence for setting up the app, helping users create their legacy plan effortlessly.

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