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Traditional methods of creating a will can be cumbersome, time consuming, confusing, and ultimately expensive. It's important to consider alternative tools that can help make the process easier. Learning how to write your own will online is easier than you might think if you're using wills.com. Learn more about our easy step-by-step process here. 

A Will is a legal document that provides a secure way for your final wishes concerning assets and estate to be carried out. Without a will, state laws can ultimately decide who inherits finances, property, and other assets. For numerous reasons having a will in place can provide comfort to your loved ones and also save time, money, and emotional energy. However, creating a will is not always a quick or straightforward process. It's easy to write your own will online. 

In this article, we will be discussing how you can create your own will online and why you should consider creating a will online compared with other available options. 

What Is Needed In A Will?

A will is a legal document which states how you wish your affairs to be handled once you have died. In a standard will you will state what will happen to any property that you have, name an executor who will see that all your wishes are fulfilled in your will. Also, if there are any children underage, then a guardian will be named for them. These are the basic things that must be included in any will. However, you can and most people do include personal items and who they wish to give these items too. This could include jewelry, animals, any personal possessions etc. 

Laws in each state vary, but commonly anyone can create a will as long as they are 18 years old and are able to complete the process of making a will. The will itself must be signed and dated in front of witnesses or are also at least 18 years old. However, the witnesses can't be beneficiaries in the will.

Traditional Methods Of Creating A Will

Before we discuss how you can write your own will online, let's take a look at some of the traditional ways of creating a will.

Hiring A Lawyer To Write Your Will

Traditionally, people hire estate planning attorneys to draft their wills for them. Nowadays, however, it is more common to hire a lawyer to guide you through the process and ensure that the. However, hiring a lawyer isn't cheap and some can cost you a lot of money. Also, by hiring a lawyer to write your will it can take longer as they may be busy, so you won't get your will completed immediately. 

Using A Will Kit 

Some people prefer to use a will kit instead to create their will at home. This is because they think that it is cheaper and easier. They may not know though that the costs of buying a will kit can add up quickly. You need to buy the kit, find somewhere to keep it safe, and then pay for postage. Then, when you want to create your will, you need to go through the instructions and follow them carefully. It is not always easy to understand the instructions on a will kit and many people end up getting confused and having to call a helpline. When you are done, you still need to sign the will and send it off. All this adds up to a lot of money and time. 

Creating A Will Online

It is becoming a lot more popular to create your will online, as there are many sites out there that can help you. By creating a will online, you follow a template and fill out, it takes much less time than hiring a lawyer and will also be a lot cheaper. Also, with an online will, they are easy to alter when your situations change, and you wish to add or alter your will. It is kept in one place that is safe and easily accessible. 

Why Should You Create A Will Online?

You could create an online will using a Google document, but verbiage and legal formatting is critical to ensure it follows state guidelines. Instead, a will making online site is a lot easier and more useful to use. Generally, an online will takes around 15 minutes to create. You can then go back to an altar and add to your will when you please. It is important to have a will because if you die without one then the state will decide where and to whom all your assets shall go. 

According to a Gallup poll, around 45% of Americans who are above 55 years old still don't have a will. With an online will, there is no excuse. It takes very little time and is easy to complete. Alongside that, once your will is complete, it is stored somewhere safe online, so you don't need to worry about hiding your physical well somewhere safe where someone will be able to find it once you die. 

If that wasn't enough, then an online will is on average much cheaper to create than a lot of the other traditional methods of creating a will. Alongside being safer and easier to do. It is no wonder that more people are turning to creating a will online. 

Using Wills.com To Create Your Will

You can use their simple form to create your own Will online. It's quick and easy - just fill it in with your information and click 'Create My Will'. 

As there are different rules for each state, wills.com is aware of this and will tailor your will to the state that you live in. However, you can alternate your will later. All you need to do is log into your account and edit. It's that simple. Then, once everything is completed, you can sign it online and store it online. All you then need to do is tell your family members where the will is.

Wills.com makes writing your will simple and a lot less stressful. You are guided every step of the way, and you don't need to pay for anything until you are ready to sign the will once it is completed. 

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Write Your Own Will Online Today

A lot of people keep putting off making their will, yet everyone needs to have a will. This ensures that your assets and your wishes are fulfilled. Creating a will online is really easy to do, and helps to make a will a lot easier to do with step-by-step guides. 

Wills.com is a great way to create a will, as it will create a will for you that is suitable for the state that you live in. Also, you can alter and add to it at any time, when you feel like it or when aspects of your life change, such as marriages or children.

We hope you have found this article useful and now understand why you should write your own will online using wills.com.

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