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A slew of celebrities have reportedly pre-planned their funerals to ease the burden from their loved ones. Why not take a page from their books and consider the same with the help of

A slew of celebrities has reportedly pre-planned their funerals to ease the burden from their loved ones. Why not take a page from their books and consider the same with the help of 

Many may not remember that mega-star George Clooney was made famous by his role, playing Dr. Doug Ross on the medical TV hit ER in the 1990s. Now the “doctor” is the patient, as Clooney in recent years opened up about his living with chronic pain, which goes from suffering terrible headaches to debilitating pain. 

Concerns for his sparing his family's undue pain have prompted the actor to take the bull by the horns and plan his own funeral should the time come sooner rather than the hoped-for later. 

George isn't alone. Rocker David Bowie, Fighter Muhammad Ali, and Prince all planned their send-offs before they moved on to the other side. Even living stars such as Justin Bieber, Kim Catrall, and Joanna Lumley are reported to have prepaid for their funeral arrangements, so that when the time comes, their loved ones, and the funeral home, will know exactly what to do. 

This may be a tad on the morbid side, but if you think about it, it makes a tremendous amount of sense. Pre-planning your own requiem can not only save your family worries it can also save them money!

Get the Funeral You Want

Planning your funeral means you can specify the details of your send-off, making it crystal clear what you want. It can be as simple as a quiet burial or cremation ceremony with close family or as complicated as requesting to be composted and buried under a tree, so long as it is legal in your area, it can be pre-arranged so long as the idea has been conveyed.  

It also means you can choose how you look for the big day. For example, George Clooney's sources say that he's chosen the suit and even cufflinks he'd like to be sporting. A great idea, as no one wants their final day in public view to be in something not pre-approved. 

This comes to the next part. As hard as it is, try to have a conversation with loved ones in advance so they're super sure how you want this to go down. 

Waste Not Want Not

Another plus of advance planning is that it could save and your heirs money. By planning, and paying, for your funeral before the main event, you can lock in the price of the day, skirting future cost hikes for the services, plots, or ceremonies. These savings could mean a great deal to grieving families who want to give you a proper send-off but are on tighter budgets. 

Many funeral homes even have installment payment plans so the arrangements can be taken care of in bite-size chunks rather than one lump sum. 

With all the pluses, why not consider this option for yourself. Your loved ones will be grateful and you'll not be rolling over in your grave, spending all eternity with a bad send-off! 


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