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How to sign a Will

Witnesses must be present when you execute your Will! A witness can be a Notary

It seems straight forward but each state has got their own rules and regulation. And then there's what you should know before witnesses the signing of your own will of before you witness the signing of some one else's 


A checklist, everything you'll need to write your will

The best way to start is to make a list of all of your property and then begin to decide how you would like it dispersed.

A will stipulates who gets what. Your asset inventory stipulates what you got and where it can be found/accessed. It is recommended to share these details in a separate document directly with your executor.


How Disinheritance Works

Sometimes parents give unequally or disinherit, one child. If your son is Bill Gates-rich, you wouldn't think twice.

If you find yourself in a complicated, splintered or downright poisonous relationship with a close family member and have said “enough”, you may want to disinherit them from your estate. Here’s how to do it and make it stick. 

“I keep having this nightmare that we don’t spend the money in time and the kids inherit it all.” – Johnathan West, Cartoonist

Digital wills are becoming a popular option to help loved ones wrap up the digital side of life from a person they have lost. Here are the five best reasons why! 

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