Storing and Retrieving A Digital Will - How Does It Work?

Digital and virtual assets of an individual including social media accounts, email accounts, shopping and store payment details, online storage, digital cash, domain names and any information that are stored electronically. Once you include a digital estate plan into your last will and testament, you have the option to go the conventional route or go for a more modern avenue and get a digital will on

Storing Your Will 

After successfully signing up, you can now input your last will and testament into the blockchain. Your account can specify personal wishes such as organ donation preferences, funeral arrangements and posthumous email packages. Just keep in mind that finishing this process will lock up your will into the system. Your executor or next of kin can only access a copy of the legally binding document by presenting a legal death certificate. 

Upon completing the sign-up process, there is no need to worry because you will be given a PDF file of the document, which you can print and stash at home for safekeeping. Keep in mind that a digital copy of the document will be stored on our servers.

The Will's executor or next of kin will have access to your testament through various means. They can buy a copy from the service, which will be delivered in a fireproof sealed envelope. You will also receive a plastic card that comes with a QR code, containing pertinent information such as how to obtain the testament and other similar details.

For military personnel, you will be provided with a dog tag embedded with a QR code to provide access to your ICE page. 

Retrieving Your Will 

In the event that the testator’s executor or next of kin are able to provide a legal death certificate, the service will automatically send funeral arrangements, if applicable. During this time, someone would need to trigger the QR Code placed on the testament, card or dog tag. The website will ask them to confirm the death of the testator. Should there be a mistake and you are alive when the code is triggered, you will receive an email asking you to block any potentially malicious attempts to access your will. 

Once confirmed, will send a notification to your executor via email. The notification will prompt your executor to send proof of the passing such as a valid death certificate, a published obituary or a letter from a funeral home in order to access your last will and testament. They will also need to provide a copy of their passport.

Keep in mind that in case you have no executor or next of kin, lawyers or government representatives can request for your document. enables a secure and efficient way to store and retrieve your last will and testament. With the help of this service, you can be assured that your document will be executed according to your wishes.