Sending a letter from beyond

On your Dashboard, you can write and configure letters to be sent at predetermined dates after you pass away.

Once you have created a will, it is time to configure your digital estate. We can delete your social media accounts for you, arrange and transfer your Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud data to the destined beneficiary. You can also write a letter to a loved one that will be sent to predetermined recipients, years after you are sadly no longer here. With this, you can send a final word to your child on their 18th birthday, or your spouse on your anniversary.

This last letter can include final instructions containing whereabouts of valuable items, code to the safety deposit box, or other important information you want to make sure is passed on

Death is often more difficult for the ones left behind, and we at hope that by enabling you to send a final message to your loved ones, you can make it somewhat easier. A message of love and hope could make all the difference in a difficult time of mourning.

This final letter can be sent to a specific time after someone passes away. Or on a particular date after passing, for instance, the first time October 1st comes around.

How Does It Work?

When the beneficiaries of your will want to retrieve this document, they have to upload a valid death certificate. Once this document is uploaded, it needs to be validated. We do this by running an inquiry by the office and officials that issued the death certificate to validate the authenticity. Once verified, we allow the will to be downloaded. This process takes approximately one to two business days

The verification activates all the posthumous services, like the timeline in which your posthumous letters will be delivered.

In order to make sure that the beneficiaries know where to find your will and instructions, it is important that you tell them where they can find the access card to retrieve it, two of these cards are sent to your